Restoration of a deceased, cracked or broken tooth might seem to be an impossible task. The dentists have found a means of restoring the tooth and helping it regain its strength for a longer time. However, this can only be accomplished when several rules are followed by the dentists. Skipping any of these rules may lead to a low-quality dental filling process. Listed below are the main rules to follow.


The dental equipment used by the dentists has an impact on the success of the filling process. The dentist will be relying on the tools and machinery to detect the amount of the damage of the tooth and the appropriate way to fill it. Those dental tools will either enhance the performance of the expert or limit his / her performance. Hire a highly equipped dentist.

Removal of declined matter

For the dentist treating decayed tooth, it is essential to ensure that all the declined matter is completely removed. This procedure needs sensitivity. When the terminated matter is not removed completely and the filling is done, the patient will still encounter discomforts and pain. Thus, the refilling process will be repeated. The dentist should take time removing decaying matter and cleansing the tooth.


The dentist is supposed to take into consideration the comfort of his / her client before beginning the procedure. This process is very painful. That makes it necessary for the dentist to use anesthetic. The anesthetic will numb the area around the tooth making it impossible for the patient to fill any pain. The pain is usually most intense when the dentist is removing decayed and broken tooth material.

Quality of composite

According to the knowledge of the experts, there are different kinds of composite materials being used in filling the teeth. The materials are of different qualities. Some are of the highest quality while others are not so good. Low-quality composite material lacks durability. They also tend to be weak. The best composite (tooth colored) filling material is of the highest quality.

Bonding system

When filling the composite, you will need a bonding system. The bond between the composite material and the tooth materials is supposedly to be very tight. This is because the bond determines the strength of the tooth. Talk to the dentist more about the bonding system that he / she intends to use on you. After listening to their opinions and guidance, pick a viable bonding system.

Light curing system

The dentist is alleged to use a light curing system of the highest quality. The light curing system plays a major role of providing enough energy for the polymerization process. A faulty light curing system will offer poor-quality polymerization and that will result in clinical failure. Thus, make sure the expert has a quality light curing system.