In today's society there are more adults choosing braces to fix dental problems that they had since they were children. What many do not know is that there are differences between adult braces and the ones that children wear. These differences include:

• Materials – since adults know more in how to care for their teeth that they offered more choices of materials for their braces. Children usually have the metal braces, but with adults they not only have the choice of metal braces, but they also can choose from plastic straightening appliances, or linguistic and ceramic braces. One reason that adults may choose ceramic braces is that they can blend with the color of their teeth. Like metal braces they are worn on the front of your teeth but are more apt to break. If they choose lingual braces the metal brackets are placed on the back of your teeth so they are not as visible. This type is also very expensive and can cause problems with your tongue while you talk. For any minor corrections the adult will usually choose the removable clear plastic appliances. They will have to be changed every couple of weeks. You only remove them when you eat, flossing, and brushing your teeth.

• Length of time to wear them – adults usually have to wear their braces longer than children. The reason is that an adult's teeth are more rigid so it will take longer to correct the problem. The adults, on average, will wear the braces between a year and a half to three year. It depends on how much correction needs to done. The longer time will give your teeth time to move more slowly and the bones and muscles to heal.

• Price – for adults there are more out-of-pocket expenses. Although there is no different in cost for children and adult braces the insurance coverage is different. Most of the time insurance plans do not provide coverage for adult braces or they offer less coverage. On average metal braces cost between three and seven thousand dollars, lingual costs between eight and ten thousand dollars, and ceramic costs between four and eight thousand dollars.

As an adult, wearing braces is not without its risks. If you have gum disease or plague then these conditions can be aggravated by the braces. Because an adult's teeth are not as flexible wearing braces can be painful because of the pressure they put on their teeth. Some adults state that when they were wearing braces it made their teeth feel loose but this will feeling will usually go away once the process is finished.