Tooth loss is one of the most common dental issues adults have to grapple with. A large percentage of these issues arises from poor care especially during the early stages of life. However, there are other situations that lead to the same problem including accidents and sport injuries.

Whatever the reason behind that gap on your gum, the impact can not be gainsaid. It affects your beautiful smile leading to loss of self-esteem. This also affects your diet because there are some foods you will not enjoy eating.

While there are many treatment options available, dental implants are now the most popular option with dentists across the globe. This is a modern medical technology where a replacement tooth is used to restore your smile and also boost your diet options. If you have been struggling to find a safe way of dealing with tooth loss, this surgical procedure comes as a Godsend.

The Treatment in Brief

This medical procedure involves replacement of a lost tooth's root with a titanium implant. This is one of the strongest metals available and it is fixed into the jawbone to create permanent support for a crown. On top of this titanium post is an abutment where a crown is easily fixed, giving you a natural look and feel.

Among the advantages of going for this procedure include improved facial appearance and speech. You will also prevent jaw bone loss and enjoy all types of food. There is no special maintenance required and you just have to observe the usual oral hygiene. This procedure also boosts self-esteem, improving both your social and professional life. The fact that this is a permanent solution to tooth loss makes it cost-effective as you do not have to worry about the problem in future.

The best thing about cosmetic dental implants is the fact that they are safe, having been used for over 3 decades. With advances in medical technology, this procedure is more comfortable and with titanium being a biocompatible material, there are no side effects experienced. Through a process of Osseo integration, the post used fuses into the jaw bone providing a firm foundation for the replacement crown.

While there are other options to treat your gap including bridges and dentures, implants stand out because they offer a combination of benefits. These include comfort, natural appearance, improved self-esteem and restoration of your smile, protection of underlining bone, improved speech and diet among others.

This is without doubt the ultimate way to get back that beautiful smile and improve your life.