Cosmetic Dentistry involves many procedures and today in this article we will be discussing most of them. However before we get into the discussion of various procedures let us first understand this branch of dental treatment.

In general terms a cosmetic dentist is a dental professional who performs restorative procedures. Even though this seems to be a preventive procedure but still the dental professional needs to have complete knowledge of dental anatomy and should understand the dentistry materials. Apart from the most important part of cosmetic dentistry is the dentist itself. He / She should be able to communicate with their patient. They should also be able to communicate their idea and vision to the lab technician so that there is no problem in smile makeover. It takes years of practice, extensive study and training for a professional to gain expertise in this field.

Although cosmetic dentistry is kind of restorative dentistry but still there are some differences which we need to understand. The focus and the level of expertise in both the procedure is different. The aim of a cosmetic dentist is to enhance the beauty of the teeth so that they not only look good but also function properly. The level of expertise required in performing this procedure is high and this is the reason why it is important for a dentist to know the complete anatomy of teeth.

Before starting off with the dental procedure your dentist will ask you about your preferences. He will ask you what kind of smile do you prefer and the changes you want to undergo. It is always advisable to bring with you certain photos of past so that the dentist can have an idea of ​​how you used to look. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on aesthetics but still your dentist will perform a detailed oral exam to ascertain that there are no underlying problems. You may have come for teeth whitening because of yellow teeth but the yellow teeth can be caused due to some other problem. Once your dentist knows your preferences then it will be easier for them to proceed with the dental procedure.

Having said that let us now look into different types of cosmetic dental procedures:

1. Teeth Whitening: This is by far the most widely traveled out procedure in cosmetic dentistry.

2. Cosmetic Bonding: In this procedure a tooth-colored composite resin is attached to the teeth. This help in improving the appearance and strength of chipped teeth.

3. Porcelain and Composite Veneers: They work as a substitute of tooth enamel.

4. Porcelain Crowns: In case your teeth are heavily damaged then this cosmetic dentistry procedure is what you need to undergo.

5. Dental Implants: These are made out of titanium and they replace the root of the missing tooth.

6. Inlays and Onlays: Most of the times, fillings can be fabricated from porcelain or composite materials in a dental laboratory to more closely match the color of a tooth. When applied to the inside of the tooth, they are referred to as “Inlays.” When these fills are attached to the biting surface, they are known as “Onlays.”

Cosmetic Dentistry is something which is here to stay for a long time. People would never want to stop looking good and impressive. When you look and feel good, then you have tremendous confidence in yourself. It is important to make sure that you brush your teeth and maintain oral hygiene so that the treatment does not go waste.