It takes a lot of care on a regular basis to get healthy and shining teeth. Brushing, flossing and cleaning are somehow the most important aspect to maintaining the health of the teeth but there is more to it. The health of your teeth will depend a lot on the kind of food items you choose to eat. Dentists worldwide recommend eating only those food items that have zero harm to your dental health. They advise you to stay away from all those items that can either cause damage to your teeth or gums in a great way.

You should know that citrus fruits may be necessary to the body in small amount but they damage the tooth. They are indeed a rich source of vitamin C but then contain acid too which has an adverse impact on your enamel. Similarly, you should be careful in eating too much of hard and chewy sweets as they also contain loads of sugar and acid which are not helpful to your teeth and gums in any way. Candies not only bringing more sugar to your teeth but also help bacteria stay longer in the mouth to impact the health of the teeth in a big way.

Furthermore, people should cut down on their consumption of pickles as they are prepared after being soaked in acid. Therefore, their regular usages can weakened your tooth considering and can cause dental decay as well. Likewise, soda is bad for your dental health and it should not be drunk regularly. Both types of soda – sugary and sugar-free – are bad as they are rich in acid and sugars which harm the enamel. Like sodas, you should not drink too much of sports or energy drinks as they also contain acid above standard limit. Such drinks can weaken the teeth and cause decay, if used regularly.

More so, people fond of drinking wine should understand the damages it brings to the teeth. Be it red wine or white ones, they are not helpful to oral hygiene for being rich in acid. Similarly, they impact the flow of saliva and this makes them slightly damaging at the same time for your dental health. Crackers too are not considered good for your dental health as they contain carbs which converts into acid to bring the harm. What's more, coffee too is not helpful when it comes to maintaining the health of your teeth as it can cause stains.

Quite clearly, you should show some restrains with certain food items if you want to maintain and manage your dental health. The best strategy is to consult a dentist and know in detail about all those items that can damage either the teeth or gums. Afterwards, you can follow the instructions of the dentist and keep the teeth as healthy and hungry as desired. In case you find it hard to stop eating those harmful items, you should then look to limit their take on a daily basis to minimize the level of risks.