The gum contour procedure is a part of cosmetic dentistry which aims at giving a new look and feel to the teeth. Let's talk about this procedure in detail and what can be the repercussions (if any).

During the last few years patients who have complained about their gummy smile have had their gums reduced by scalping them away. However this procedure was painful and caused bleeding and discomfort to patients. However the new gum lift procedure technique uses laser technology and helps a great deal in recovering from this dental problem. Laser technology is being used excessively in cosmetic dental treatments to give patients the desired look and feel of their teeth. The other dental treatment which uses laser technology is teeth whitening. The reason why laser is used is because it speeds up the procedure and gives accurate results.

Before the laser gum lift procedure is started patient's mouth will be numbed with the help of local anesthesia. This helps in eliminating the excruciating pain and discomfort. To perform this dental procedure your dental professional will be using a diode laser and will gently cut the excess gum tissues. With this your gum line will be smooth and will be easier to work on. The diode lasers help in burning the skin while they are cutting through it this event means that there will be less bleeding and less chances of infection. Although the Gum Lift procedure is pretty much tedious but still it will require just one sitting at the dental clinic.

So once you have undergone the gum lift surgery you will feel the pain for sometime but the pain will not last for more than one week. There will be negligible discomfort and there will be no hindrance in daily chores like eating, speaking and drinking. However let me just remember you that prior to the surgery in case you used smoke or drink alcohol, then stop it immediately. After the gum lift procedure is over you should consume soft food and avoid spicy ones. In case you feel some sort of discomfort then your dentist will let you know which pain killer to use. Do not floss during this time and while brushing you need to ensure that you are very gentle.

The perfect candidates for the laser gum lift procedure are those patients who have uneven gums. A cosmetic dentist is the perfect dental professional to treat this dental condition. Your gum line gets more symmetrical as it will be reshaped by a professional. This will eventually reduce the amount of gum which is visible while you smile.

Always discuss your situation with your dentist. In case you are in any kind of medication then make sure they know about it. The Gum Lift procedure if carried out by a qualified professional will not lead to any problem. However it is always better if you check whether they understand your requirements. So be open with your dentist.