A beautifully aligned and bright white smile is considered one of the most desirable facial features. Unfortunately teeth sustain damages and deterioration over time including stains, misalignment, gaps and trauma that affect its appearance, function and healthy condition. Cosmetic dentistry can offer a multitude of comprehensive and individualized enhancement techniques to restore the aesthetic value and operation of oral structures.

Cosmetic dentistry offers dental enhancement solutions performed by a certified dentist to improve the look and function of teeth. With careful attention paid to appearance, dental implants, crowns and alignment methods aim to correct oral problems responsible for a lack of a uniform appeal and dysfunction. Individualized enhancement solutions can transform the condition of teeth providing a straighter and whiter smile.

Learn Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Multiple oral strategies are provided for individual patient needs in the practice of cosmetic dentistry. Enhancement methods are aimed at improving the appearance of teeth to ensure that an attractive and aligned result is produced. Learning about the different techniques available can assist in determining which of these procedures are most suitable for individual oral requirements.


Porcelain veneers are popular enhancements consisting of a tooth like shell glued over the teeth to produce a white and aligned smile. It can be applied for a single tooth or multiple teeth that have been discolored. While it is a secure and long lasting process, a dentist can advise on its care to extend its longevity, but the application will suffer natural deterioration and have to be replaced at a later stage.

The procedure is applied to correct severe traces on the tooth surface and moderate cases of misalignment including slights gaps. It is a cost procedure, but can produce long lasting results including a bright white and beautifully straightened smile. Consultation with a dental practitioner can determine effective cosmetic dentistry solutions for individual needs including valuable and long lasting enhancements.

Dental Implants

Where trauma has caused excessive gum and tooth damage or a tooth requires removal due to disease, it can leave an unsightly gap causing a multitude of functional problems. Loss of a tooth in the front of the mouth is very noticeable leaving many individuals embarrassed. Cosmetic dentistry offers dental implants in the form of a prosthetic tooth to address the gap in a permanent, secure and naturally aesthetic manner.

A professional oral examination of surrounding bone and gumline must be performed to identify where sufficient tissue is present to secure the prosthetic. Once a mold is taken, the dentist can match the dental implant to the shade and size of remaining teeth for a natural look. It will require routine care and the proper hygiene practices, but not last a lifetime.

Bridges and Crowns

For patients affected by significant gaps or tooth loss, the option of a crown and bridge is more cost effective and will complete the appeal and operation of your smile. Accident damage resulting in fine fractures or cracks and weakened teeth can benefit from the placement of a crown. The purpose is to salvage and strengthen the remaining tooth.

The inclusion of a crown or bridge is more affordable in comparison to the dental implant. It has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years with the proper oral practices, but will need to be replaced once it has become worn or showing signs of discomfort. It is a less invasive option when compared to a prosthetic and will be matched to the original shape and color of other teeth.

Teeth Bleaching

There are many options available for whiter teeth depending on the underlying causes of discoloration and whether one or more teeth have been affected. The consumption of dark liquids including red wine, smoking and the use of prescribed medication can cause surface stains that can not be removed with regular brushing or over the counter bleaching products. An in-office procedure tailor to suit individual healthcare requirements is determined to produce appealing and functional results.

When teeth are yellow, brown and severely stained due to disease, specialized procedure to lighten teeth from the inside out will be required. Minor discoloration may respond to home based products applied according to instructions, but medical problems and trauma need unique treatments. Do not overuse over the counter products to remove stains as it could wear the enamel and heightened sensitivity to hold and cold temperatures.

Consultation with a professional can determine individualized cosmetic dentistry solutions. Enhancing procedure tailor to complement individual needs can produce a beautifully restored smile. Discussing the options with your dentist can produce the desired oral healthcare exit.