When it comes to your family, you are always careful about what they put in their mouths, whether it is food or toothpaste.

A lot of the bright sparkly toothpaste available in the market today can do more good than harm to your enamel.

This toothpaste recipe made from natural, non-toxic ingredients will not just keep your teeth clean but will also make them stay healthy.

It is also very cheap and easy to make.

Disadvantages of using commercial toothpaste

  • They contain fluorides. Fluorides present in most commercial mainstream toothpastes can be harmful if swallowed and are proven to be no good at cleaning the teeth.
  • They contain artificial colors. Artificial colors can cause hyperactivity in kids.
  • Some are pretty abrasive. Abrasives that can damage the structure of the teeth and increase cavity formation.
  • They contain artificial whiteners like Titanium Dioxide that has been known to have harmful effects on teeth. Your toothpaste does not need to be white.


You only need four ingredients for this recipe.

The first one is coconut oil. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Use about a a cup of it.

The next ingredient is 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Baking soda is an alkali have a pH value of somewhere between 9-11. This alkali neutralizes the effect of the acidic food that we keep eating through the day, so saving the good bacteria we need to maintain in our mouths. Yes, there are good bacteria too! Refrain from using any essential oils that have anti-bacterial properties. Also baking soda is only a slight bit aggressive, so it lightly brushes the teeth enamel without damaging it.

The third ingredient is xylitol. It is a natural plant based sweetener and has been known to prevent and reduce tooth decay and help with overall oral health. Without this added sweetener your toothpaste is going to taste very bitter and very salty. However, do not add too much of it. Do not use any artificial sweeteners like sodium saccharin or sorbitol.

The fourth ingredient is peppermint or myrrh extract to give your toothpaste that typical minty flavor. Use it in moderation to suit your taste.

Do not use any hydrogen peroxide. Even though it whitens the teeth. It creates free radicals that could age your gums, your tongue and the soft tissues lining inside walls of your mouth.

Grab a pH strip and test the acidic levels of your paste. If it is below 7, add a little more alkali to it. Too much acid can cause tooth decay.


If you are using semi-hard coconut oil, then you will have to melt it or quite soften it first.

Stir in all the ingredients one after the other to form a thick paste.

You could store the toothpaste in a piping bag or else in a container and then just scoop off a little amount on the bristles of your brush when needed. It is better to use separate jars for each member of the family.