Many people grow up with the fear of a dentist and while this has become a norm, advances in dentistry show this can be avoided. A study by the British Dental Health Foundation shows that 36% of adults who avoid regular checkups do so because of fears developed in their early years. Luckily, research shows there are ways you can help alleviate such fears in your kids.

Here are just a few of these:

1. Early Visit To A General Dentist

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents start checkups for their kids during the first year or when the first tooth erupts. This alleviates any problems that could lead to pain and increase fear.

2. Early Does It

Even a kid who does not have teeth should have their gum cleaned to avoid buildup of bacteria. Your child will also get mentally ready for examination by a cosmetic dentist in the future.

3. Explain Dental Care

It is important to talk to your family about what dental care entails by reading to them and also explaining the importance of regular checks. Avoid making such visits sound intimidating.

4 . Make it Fun

You should accompany your child for dental checkups and to make the experience more familiar, carry their favorite toy or if they have a favorite family member, let them come along too. This creates a sense of familiarity and comfort.

5. Remain Positive

It is true you might have had a bad experience with your dentist, but you should not use this to discourage your kid. Avoid mentioning discomfort and pain when talking about oral health as this will make them create a negative mental picture about the doctor. At this stage, you can lay the ground for proper oral health by talking positively about how this will help now and in future.

6. Look for a Specialist

Pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle kid's oral problems. They are friendlier and their clinics are optimized to make children comfortable. Such a facility is not intimidating and your child will always look forward to these visits.

7. Visit the Clinic Before

If you are preparing to start dental visits with your child, it is important to drop in first and let them talk to the staff and realize there is nothing to be afraid of. Children love a place where they are being welcomed and once they feel comfortable, you will have alleviated their fears for life.

Whatever experience you had as a child, you should never let your fear rub on your child. Healthy teeth are the perfect present a parent can gift your family and they will always be grateful that you inculcated proper oral care early enough.