Orthodontics is a field of specialization in dentistry. An orthodontist goes through training within the dental school after graduation in dentistry. This is a field that deals primarily with diagnosis, then prevention and the correction of jaws and teeth that are mal-positioned.

Use of Invisalign

Invisalign is a treatment in orthodontics that uses clear aligners made of plastic in the place of the popular metal braces so as to help straighten teeth. Typically, the process involves the use of invisible aligners that are comfortable and removable so that no one can even tell you have anything on. The shape of the aligners is adjusted and this helps move the teeth to their correct position.

How it works

Every set of the aligners is worn for around 2 weeks and you only remove them when you want to floss, to brush, to eat or to drink. When you replace the aligners with the next one in your series, then the teeth are able to move slowly every week until they reach their final position.

Usually, you will still need to go to the doctor's office, but after a while, every orthodontist has gotten his / her own schedule and you can work with them so as to know whether the goals set are being achieved and the treatment going as planned .

The aligners are usually custom made for every individual. They are invisible and are supposedly to fit over the teeth snugly. Every aligner shifts tooth a little and it moves them vertically and horizontally. The aligners can even rotate teeth when the need arises. Aligners use enough force to move teeth to the desired position.

Usually, one changes to a new set of aligners after a week or so. This aids the teeth to move gradually to the new position. The treatment plan is custom made by the doctor, according to your requirements.

Cost of Invisalign

The cost of getting Invisalign treatment is very individual. This is because everyone has their specific needs and treatment may take different periods of time. Most specialists bill on a per patient basis.

Why should you consider Invisalign treatment?

There are some things that make this kind of treatment the best for many people. The first thing you note is that the aligners are indeed clear. This means that people will not even notice that you have them on. They can also be removed.

The second thing is the fact that as you are undergoing treatment, you will be capable of eating and drinking without any issues since you simply take them off. You can also floss and brush your teeth normally by simply removing the aligners.

The third thing that makes it the ideal treatment option is the fact that you do not have to go to the orthodontist's office often. You only have to commit to the scheduled visits once in a while just to confirm that the treatment is working for you. You will be guided through the process and you will know what to expect every step of the way.