There will be time and situations when it will become difficult to save your teeth. You may have to go through the surgical extraction of teeth if:

• You might have met with an accident and your teeth would have broken or chipped.
• You may have been suffering from a dental disease such as Periodontitis
• Your teeth may be crowded with adjacent teeth

In situations when tooth can not be repaired with the help of dental crown or dental fillings that's when surgical extraction of tooth becomes important. The only reason why fillings and crown would be ineffective is because your teeth is badly declined or because of a serious accident. Furthermore if you have suffered from periodontal disease then also you are the perfect candidate for surgical extraction of teeth.

The most common type of surgical procedure carried out on teeth is the surgical extraction of teeth. In case when the tooth is visible from your gum line and it is easy for your dentist to remove it with the help of forceps then this procedure is called as simple extraction. Surgery is carried out when the tooth grows in an awkward position and it becomes important to remove the gum tissues or bone. After the surgery your dentist will stitch the area with the purpose that it should heal on time and with ease. You will be given painkillers so that the pain can subside.

To understand whether simple or surgical extraction of teeth is required, your dentist will take x-rays. Removal of wisdom tooth is a surgical procedure because it erupts in a way that it surgery is the only option. At times when performing a simple extraction your tooth may break off. This will require removal of the broken pieces. Here a simple extraction will turn into surgical extraction of teeth. In case of wisdom tooth the bone and gum tissues will be cut. The other reasons to perform surgery will be removal of brutally broken down teeth, tips of root or those teeth which are curved in shape.

After you have gone through the entire procedure of surgical extraction of teeth you will have to get stitches done. Once the procedure is over your dentist will be giving you some advice related to the after care. So, whether you have gone through simple or surgical procedure make sure you follow his advice and instructions. It is highly recommended to do the following:

1. To stop the bleeding after extraction bite on a gauze pad for 30 minutes.
2. Do not talk, eat or drink too much and especially 2 hours after the surgery.
3. Make sure you either drink lukewarm water or cold water. Surgical extraction of teeth leads to excessive bleeding and these liquids will control it.
4. Do not consume anything hard or something that is difficult to bite. Make sure you are on a liquid diet at least for the first day.
5. Do not rinse or even brush your teeth for the first 24 hours of surgery.
6. Do not, and we mean it, smoke or even try drinking cold drink with straw.
7. In case you have persistent bleeding or pain make sure you see your dentist.

Surgical extraction of teeth can definitely send chills down the spine but then it is a very important procedure when it comes to wellness of your teeth. With the help of anesthesia the entire procedure is carried out and this means that you will not feel a thing at the time of surgery.