Establishing a dental clinic is quite a cumbersome process. Arranging the furniture, the water supply, the dental chair and all the equipment required daily for the dental procedures should be well planned and sorted. But when you persevere so much in setting up your dental clinic without even the knowledge wherever the foot count will be rewarding or not, can prove to be a total waste of money and resources. However, with proper strategic marketing you will be able to attract new patients in your private dental practice. Here's how.

1. Scheme directed practice- a dental practitioner should always look for different schemes to offer patients in his practice. For example: giving an extra treatment such as scaling and polishing free on an orthodontic treatment. Or a temporary crown free till the permanent crown gets prepared from the laboratory.

2. Bonus for each referral- if a patient who is a regular at your practice, gets a patient for you and he in turn turns up another time too, then you should give a bonus treatment or a discount treatment to the patient who at first got you the referral. Always remember, mouth to mouth publicity is the best publicity.

3. Start a personal domain name website and give link back to all the major dental websites. This way people will get to know about your practice and may turn up some time. You can write some dental related articles which basically targets patient education and guidance. You can add a feature of patient suggestions and a weekly newsletter which will ensure the dental clinic's reminder each week. Also make a separate page for patient testimonials and keep it public for more and more viewers to see and learn good things about your dental practice.

4. Giving flyers and broachers on social media websites is one of the most trending marketing strategies to spread the word. Local people of your city will get to know fast about your practice.

5. Always keep an eye on the competitive rates of all the dental procedures among the other dentists. And quote a rate will the consumers will find feasible for their budget.

6. A new patient welcome strategy works the best for every new arrival at your practice. Each time a new patient visits, despite all the anxieties he might be suffering, he expects the staff to be very respectful and always smiling. Like it is said- customer is God. Every patient finds himself in the place of God who showers blessings of earnings on the staff and the dentist, and expects politeness and luxury treatment in return. While there is no harm in treatingating patients respectfully, many dentists and their staff fail to understand the underwriting marketing strategy hidden behind it.

7. Once in a month offer free checksups and X-Rays for new patients. Also add fun elements in these checkup visits. For example let your free dental checkup camp be sponsored by a pharmaceutical company in which each patient will get toothpaste and some medications free. Make dental checksups engaging for kids. Conduct various competitions for them and make them aware of the dental health. Distribute your clinic visiting cards during such gatherings.

8. Get the hoardings of your clinic stand erect on the pillows of the city. Distribute pamphlets and flyers.

By following these above marketing strategies, you are sure to get more and more foot fall at your dental practice.