You have probably heard about dental implants due to their increasing popularity all over the world. There are so many people who are using implants today instead of their natural teeth. This is probably because the opportunities for losing teeth have increased tremendously. People lose their teeth in accidents, due to diseases and others simply because of natural processes like aging. A dental implant can have that missing tooth replaced in a very short time. However, is it possible to replace multiple missing teeth with dental implants?

This is a question that is commonly asked by patients who want to figure out the perfect dental treatment procedure that they can use to fix their missing teeth. There is always the option of going forentures. The only problem with these is that dentures are easy to lose and they can mess with the functions of the teeth. Sometimes it is hard to chew and pronounce some words properly if you have dentures. This is not the same case with the dental implants. They are just the perfect solution for missing teeth!

Treatment options available for you

Admittedly, a dental implant is not as cheap as the dentures, but in the long run it brings with it a whole lot of benefits and savings. Replacing one tooth with an implant can be very affordable but if you have many teeth that you would like to have replaced for each? Absolutely not! This is going to make the procedure lengthy, costly and tiresome. When you have a missing tooth or generally teeth that need replacement, the treatment options available often include:

· Removable partial dentures

· Multiple tooth supported fixed bridges

· Implant supported bridges

The partial dentures serve the cosmetic purpose of tooth replacement, but they compromise the integrity of the bone below. This is primarily because of the lack of a root system. The jawbone gets eaten away faster than the normal bone deterioration. The story is not any different for the multiple tooth-supported fixed bridges. They also damage the bone pretty fast.

Bridges supported by dental implants are by far the best way to replace multiple missing teeth. This is because they are comfortable and stable- a great plus for many people. You do not have to remove your teeth at night before you go to sleep. Second, it includes the integrity of the internal structure and so you do not have to worry about sagging jaw lines. The teeth implants feel and operate like natural teeth completely. Most of all, the adjacent natural teeth are completely safe from damage by the implants. This is a great option to replace your teeth and it works magic on anyone who uses it.