If your dentist feels that the existing filling has to be removed then he might carry out a dental filling replacement procedure. The new filling will be placed only after the old one has been removed. There was time when the fillings used were made out of amalgam. At present this practice has been taken over by natural looking and metal free dental filling. Dentists these days are using tooth colored fillings which gives natural appearance to the teeth of a patient. The material that is being used is composite resins and porcelains. The reason for the use of these materials is that they are safe and predictable and also gives natural impression of teeth.

The entire procedure starts with the most important part of the tooth – Enamel. Undoubtedly this is the hardest natural material (it's harder than diamond even) and contains no nerves or living tissue. The only that it contains is calcium crystals which are bonded closely to it. Dental Porcelains find it easy to mimic the enamel part of the tooth. The inner part of tooth is called as dentin. This is porous and is more or less like a bone. Dentin consistants of microscopic tubes of collagen with calcium crystal deposits. It is really sensitive and any feeling or sensitivity in it is transmitted through pulp to the center of the mouth. Now as we mentioned that tooth colored filling mimic the natural tooth is because of the dental composites. These are made of our non-amalgam fillings such as resin and silica filler. This is the reason why tooth colored fillings are preferred by patients as it does not show up when they talk or smile.

The other reason for this choice is that the metallic fillings or amalgams do not bond well with the teeth. Yes they do provide protection to the damaged portion but just simply rest on the teeth. On the other hand tooth colored fillings rest completely on enamel. Tooth Colored Fillings create a strong bond between the dentin and enamel which leads to better protection. There are other methods as well which can give strength to dentin and enamel after your teeth gets damaged. This is one of the most widely used dental procedures because of the natural look that it provides to teeth. Dental problems are really common these. However with the help of new and innovative technologies dentists have come up with various dental procedures to make sure the issues are addressed. These dental procedures include treatments like full mouth implants, implant supported dentures, immediate load implants and implant supported fixed bridges.

When restoring the teeth dentists need to keep in mind that there has to be a really good bond between resin materials and both the enamel and dentin. The whole purpose of restorative dentistry is to rebuild a tooth which looks natural and at the same time has the strength and endurance to last long. Dentists also need pay really close attention to dental sterilization standards while performing any dental treatments. Tooth colored fillings will use many tools and all of them should meet this standard.