We are living in an age where we are sooner to eat and drink stuff which affects our teeth and oral health. One of the common dental problems that we suffer from is stained teeth. This is where these tooth colored fillings or composite resins come into play. Composite Resin helps in covering up the enamel portion of our teeth giving them a natural look and feel. These composite resins also help in reshaping the DE-shaped teeth. Let us know more about them and see why you need them.

The biggest advantage of composite resins is that they are extremely durable. Furthermore they also provide good resistance to fracture in small and mid-size dental fillings. It is important for these fillings to withstand the pressure of eating. Here is the composite resins help in providing stability and support to these fillings. The other advantage of tooth colored fillings is that they can be used on either side of the teeth. So patients who want a natural look despite some work being carried out on their teeth, then composite filling is the best choice. Furthermore they also provide insulation to your teeth since excessive temperature change will have no effect on them.

Now that we know about the advantages of tooth colored fillings let's look out the disadvantages associated with them. Once the operation is completed patients may feel some sort of sensitivity. This will be temporary and will soon fade away. If you are a coffee, tea and wine addict then be rest assured that the shade of tooth colored fillings will fade away as well. The difference will not be that much but yes the change will be noticeable.

To avoid the staining condition, your dentist will put a clear plastic coating over the composite resins. This coating helps in preventing the color from changing and is beneficial for patients who are really particular about the color of teeth. The other disadvantage of tooth colored fillings is that they can be easily worn out. Surprisingly composite fillings are used more often though silver fillings have less tension to be worn out.

As far as cost is concerned tooth colored fillings cost is generally high. They cost more than amalgam and the worst part is that they are not covered by insurance companies. The average cost of composite fills range from $ 150 to $ 200. They are not as reliable as amalgam. The average life span of composite resins is five to seven years. Here they have to be replaced more often that amalgams. On the other hand the composite resins or white fillings can last for as long as the amalgam.

So it is entirely up to you which filling you wish to use. It is imperative that you discuss your options with your dentist. Make sure that you understand the procedure and are not under it just for the sake of it. Furthermore take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly and consuming healthy diet.