Visiting your dentist twice a year is always a good idea because you will be aware of any sort of dental problem that might be breeding inside. Gum Diseases, if at an initial stage, can be cured by some proper dental hygiene. However if the problem is aggravated and turned into periodontitis you will have to seek professional dental help. On the other hand if you are suffering from tooth decay then the only way to cure it is by dental restorations or dental fillings. Dental fillings last for many years but they do come with a shelf life. Even they have to be replaced so come let's find out why?

The biggest reason for us to replace dental fillings is the constant attack of food and drink. On the other hand we might want to replace them because of certain conditions such as teeth grinding or clenching. These everyday problems may cause them to fail. Tooth decay is caused due to the attack of bacteria. In case your dental restorations have been worn away, chipped or fallen out then you will have gaps which will be the breeding place for bacteria. You must understand that our mouth is filled with bacteria and is broadly found in saliva and plaque. There is a seal between teeth and filling. If this seal breaks or gets worn out, food particles and bacteria will find it easy to cause more damage to your teeth.

It becomes difficult to remove these bacteria with the help of just the toothbrush or floss. With such difficulty the bacteria will continue to grow causing further damage by developing on the edge of dental fillings or may be right underneath it. If we do not take prompt action to treat the declined tooth then chances are you will have to go root canal treatment or even tooth extraction.

Regular dental visits are required to understand the state of your dental health. In case you have dental fillings then regular dental visits will help in analyzing their current situation. Your dentist is the best person to tell you what's wrong with your current dental restorations. They will be able to detect wherever they are in place or worn out.

Dentist uses an instrument called as Explorer which detects any sort of spots around the edge of the fills. It will help your dentist to decide whether the filling has to be kept the way it is or needs a replacement. So it is better to speak to a dentist rather than waiting till the time tooth starts hurting or crack appears. With these dental visits problems will be detected early and ever you will avoid spending a lot of money later on for expensive dental treatments.

Dental Fillings come in various forms. With the advancement in dental treatment procedures and materials you have the option of creating a more pleasant smile and impressive teeth. There are a lot of factors that affect the performance of dental fillings. These factors are:

• Ingredients of the dental filling
• Their location
• How much load is / will be applied while chewing
• The duration and number of visits that will be required to prepare and adjust the restored tooth

Dental Fillings become mandatory when you suffer from tooth decay. There are various choices you have for dental fillings such as Amalgam, composite and glass Ionomers. Which filling is suitable for you can only be determined by your dentist. So make sure to speak with your dentist and clear your doubts before proceeding this procedure.