Most of us do not visit the dentist on a yearly basis. We think that regular oral care is enough, which is not true. Brushing, cleaning and flossing are indeed important but they are certainly not enough to guarantee healthy teeth and gums. In many cases, dental problems do not give symptoms at early stage but they keep on festering. It's there before important to visit the dentist at least twice a year as this can help detect problems at the earliest, or at an early stage to minimizeize risks associated with it. Similarly, you should never ignore persistent tooth pain else it could aggravate into something larger.

Likewise, any kind of gum swapping is a cause of a dental visit and that too, on an immediate basis. You're also not supposedly to take a spot or sore lightly and those that do not heal can be indicative a number of health diseases. You should see a dentist immediately when tender areas or sores or ulcers persist for long. A wound in the mouth that does not subside can be dangerous and it needs to be checked with the dentist. You should visit the dentist if any small white area in the mouth with a tinge of red which does not go away for long.

Furthermore, you should never ignore the problem of bleeding or swollen gums. It's seen that people do not take gums seriously and they ignore the blood that comes out after brushing. In such cases, either you brush with too much power, or use hard brush or this is a sign of a health problem. Gums often bleed due to presence of bacteria in the mouth and this situation is reached due to bad care to dental hygiene. In such cases, you should visit the dentist and get the gums checked completely. After all, gums are as important as teeth and you can ignore care to either.

Similarly, people often ignore bad breath hoping to be a minor problem, which is not the case always. Apart from poor oral hygiene, bad breath is caused by dental cavities, gum disease or tobacco products. Likewise, the increased teeth sensitivity is also a chance for you to see the dentist immediately. In most cases, we ignore the pain in the mouth thinking that it would go away without any treatment. If often does but only to return later, which is why it should not be left untreated at any cost. That's why, preventive care is important in order to improve health.

In a sense, it takes a lot to maintain your dental health and you should be regular with care to your teeth. Apart from brushing twice a day, you should clean and floss the teeth at least once a day. Tongue brushing is something you should not ignore as this can lead to storage of more bacteria and plaque on the teeth. You should eat only what is recommended by the dentist as not all food items are helpful for your teeth or gums.